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stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave
stryv MiniShave

stryv MiniShave


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quick-charging +
long run times

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The Complete Trio
The Complete Trio

The Complete Trio


SAVE $220

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What’s better than two electric shavers? Three! Meet the Complete Trio for all your shaving needs: MultiShave, ProShave and the MiniShave.

  • The MultiShave: a powerhouse trimmer that tackles the gnarliest of hairs from head-to-toe without damaging your skin. Equipped with four interchangeable guide combs of varying lengths, you can shave your hair to your personal style.
  • The ProShave: the ultimate solution for the most comfortable and clean of close shaves. Designed for sensitive skin, this premium electric shaver will have you ditching your razors for good. What’s more, it collects stray hairs while you shave!
  • The MiniShave: smaller than your iPhone and lighter than an apple, the MiniShave is the globetrotter’s choice for convenient, on-the-go shaving. Plus, it’s skin-safe and cleans up after itself as it collects your hair as you shave!
Ultimate Shaving Bundle (1 Proshave + 1 Minishave)
Ultimate Shaving Bundle (1 Proshave + 1 Minishave)

Ultimate Shaving Bundle
(Proshave + Minishave)


Save $129. Price returns to $249 after promo period.

Almost gone! only 36 remaining!

Introducing the Ultimate Shaver Bundle!
The ultimate shaver bundle featuring two powerful devices for home and travel use.

When it comes to shaving, there's only one standard: fast, precise, and effective! The stryv Electric Shaver utilizes German blade technology, providing a gentle and close shave while catering to sensitive skin. With two shavers designed for different occasions, you can maintain a clean and polished look whether you're at home, rushing to an early morning meeting, hosting unexpected guests, or traveling.



gentle on sensitive skin

long-lasting power


German blade technology

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on-the-go grooming just got more convenient

Smaller than your iPhone, the MiniShave is perfectly pocket-sized, making it the perfect, unintrusive travel companion.

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large battery life.

Enjoy more runtime for quick trims and fixes with the MiniShave! We’ve optimised the battery life to last up to 60 days with a single charge.

Shave faster,
and safer.

Equipped with intelligent anti-pinch technology, the MiniShave provides double the shaving efficiency without the irritation. Our ultra thin, double-ring net blades won’t nick or cut your skin.

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mess-free shaving

The MiniShave efficiently vacuums all your hairs while shaving for ZERO fuss and clean ups. It’s worry-free grooming wherever you go, and we mean it!

100% Waterproof

With an IPX7 rating, the MiniShave is built to withstand water from wet shaves and thorough cleaning of the device.


not feeling the mini? there’s more



The ultimate shaving experience—guaranteed zero discomfort.

Compatible for wet/dry shaves

For facial hair only

Single charge of 3 hours yields 180 days (6 months) of use

IPX7 Waterproof design makes it easy to clean and maintain


Best for sensitive skin types looking for a closer, cleaner shave.

Travel Lock

No travel case included

3-Blade Rotary shaver that has rounded shaving blades for maximum efficiency and comfort




The pocket-sized grooming companion for wherever, whenever.

Compatible for wet/dry shaves

For facial hair only

Single charge of 1 hour yields 60-minutes of grooming; can last up to 60 days per charge

IPX7 Waterproof design makes it easy to clean and maintain


Best for frequent travellers who need a quick-and-clean grooming session.

Travel Lock

Comes with corrosive-resistant travel case

Intelligent anti-pinch and ultra-thin double-ring knife net blades for quick shaves


how to use


Gently press the protective cover downwards to turn on the MiniShave.

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Remove the protective cover and the blades will be activated. Upon activation, the blue indicator light will illuminate.

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Shave against the direction of beard growth using both straight and circular motions.

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For a better dry shaving experience, we recommend using the MiniShave either before washing your face or on air-dried skin.

minishave 5.gif__PID:cf63d610-aae3-43c2-abc4-257a4df4e995

Gently put the protective cover back on and press down gently to turn the device off

minishave 6.gif__PID:63d610aa-e3b3-426b-8425-7a4df4e99539

Suggest to clean MiniShave blades regularly, every 3-5 uses. Avoid cleaning while charging. Turn off the device, detach the blade head, and rinse the storage box with water.


Step 1

Remove the magnetic head cover when the device is on. It will turn off automatically when the head separates.

Step 2

Remove the blades by turning them in the indicated direction.

Step 3

Separate the blade mesh and rinse it under running water.

Step 4

After cleaning, reinstall the blade mesh in the reverse direction.

Step 5

After reinstalling the magnetic head cover, the MiniShaver automatically restarts.



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24/7 customer support

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Wei Jie Teo
Stryv ProShave, Multi Shave and Mini shave

I feel that it's really a great product and really easy to use! Now I don't have to worry about being cut accidentally. Definitely worth it! Thanks Stryv!

Koh Yanping

My hubby love the shaver. It small and easy to clean

Review? Oki

My man’s happy so I’m happy. He say not bad

Jeffrey Gui
Small n yet powerful

Size does not matter in this shaver. Despite the small size, it does much better than any other brands of the same size. It is comparable or even better than some of the bigger brothers in the market. Portable, clean aftershaves, long battery life, n easy post cleaning are just some of the pros of the shaver.

Portable shaver

Works fine, and really portable.

got questions? we’ve got answers.

product features

feature 1.png__PID:b71a332e-2c86-4f6a-9ad9-a9d9d709e28d

ultra-thin double-ring knife blades

Prevents injury and skin irritation while delivering closer, cleaner shaves even in a rush

feature 2.png__PID:d7b71a33-2e2c-46cf-aa5a-d9a9d9d709e2

ergonomic design

Weighing at just 150g and smaller than your iPhone, the MiniShave allows for a more comfortable grip

feature 3.png__PID:0bd7b71a-332e-4c86-8f6a-5ad9a9d9d709

waterproof confidence

Rated IPX7, you can clean the MiniShave under running water or use in the shower without worries.

feature 4.png__PID:620bd7b7-1a33-4e2c-86cf-6a5ad9a9d9d7

fuss-free cleaning function

Collects hair as you shave for a mess-free experience on-the-go; for easy-cleaning, the shaver has a removable magnetic cover and removable blades

feature 5.png__PID:fd620bd7-b71a-432e-ac86-cf6a5ad9a9d9

corrosion resistant aluminium design

Makes it more long-lasting and 10x more durable than the average razor

feature 6.png__PID:a8fd620b-d7b7-4a33-ae2c-86cf6a5ad9a9

protective cap

Protects your blades from dulling and damage