Helping you strive to be better, every day.

Quality wellness products that actually work and are priced fairly, right at your fingertips - that’s our promise to you at stryv.co. 

Why do we call ourselves stryv.co? “stryv” is derived from “strive”, and it represents our purpose and desire to constantly strive for better - better ingredients, better technology, better innovations, better products, at better, more accessible prices - and to create products that help you be a better version of yourself every day. Within “stryv” is also the word “try”. Becoming better in any aspect does not happen overnight; it requires a continuous process of learning and experimenting that starts with the desire to first, try. With our products, we hope to be your partner in this journey of trying, in taking the first step towards better wellness and a better you.

What benefits will you receive?


Our Vision

At stryv.co, we help people across the globe to have access to high-quality yet accessibly-priced wellness products right at their fingertips, so everyone has a chance to strive to be a better version of themselves every day.


Our Mission

Our mission at stryv.co is simple - to provide customers with products that are: premium in quality, highly effective, fairly priced. 

To do so, we invest time and effort in Research & Development to ensure that our products have high efficacy rates backed by science and rigorous testing. We cut out inefficiencies in traditional retail and distribution by streamlining our distribution channels and product R&D processes, which allows us to pass the cost savings onto our customer, price our products more fairly and make them more accessible.

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We're happy to get in touch. Drop us an email at contact@stryv.co